K-News … | .. Super Junior’s “Super Show 4″ in Sydney cancelled

Super Junior’s “Super Show 4″ in Sydney cancelled

Currently, Super Junior is performing concerts for their “Super Show 4″ tour. “Super Show 4″ began in November of last year and since then, Super Junior has performed in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, China, Thailand, and France. Super Junior was scheduled to continue their tour with a stop in Sydney, Australia on May 5th.

The concert was scheduled to be held on May 5th Allphones Arena in Sydney, however, JK Entertainment announced today that “Super Show 4 in Sydney” has been cancelled. As the reason for the cancellation, the show’s promoter revealed that since the director has a medical issue that requires immediate treatment and “Super Show 4″ is a large-scale project, the show could not be completed.

JK Entertainment stated, “Please accept our sincere apology for the inconvenience caused. We, as the promoter sincerely apologize to the people who have been at loss morally and materially, especially to the fans, media partners also the sponsorship partners.”

JK Entertainment will be issuing refunds to those who purchased tickets already. Please refer to the guidelines below.

If you purchased tickets using your credit card, the full purchase price will be refunded automatically to your credit card. Please allow seven days for the refund to come through.

If you purchased your tickets at a Ticketek agency, Cash/ EFTPOS refunds are available at the point of purchase*, Head Office agencies (see below for locations) or by post.

In person at:
Head Office Agency Sydney – Ticketek@Level 5, Castlereagh St Westfield Sydney
Head Office Agency Wollongong – WIN Entertainment Centre, Wollongong Head Office Agency Canberra – Akuna St, Canberra

* Note: Any tickets purchased from a Westfield Agency must be returned to one of the above Ticketek Head Office Agencies for a refund. Refunds will only be provided to the original purchaser with photo identification.

Or by post:
Ticketek Cancelled Show

Super Junior Super Show 4
GPO Box 1610, Sydney NSW 2001

Please include a small note outlining your request, along with a return postal address, and a check will be issued (for cash purchases).


The promoter and the sponsors have all the record of your ticket purchase, therefore you will be contacted shortly to arrange for your full refund. Refunding process for outlet purchase will be starting on 16th Apr 2012.

For Media-Asia customers: JK Entertainment will contact you directly to help you out with refunding process (starting from 17th Apr 2012)


The promoter will provide a gift package to the all the winners as compensation of this promotion and express of our apology.


إلغاء عرض سوبر جونيور ( Super Show 4 ) في سيدني – استراليا

سوبر جونيور حاليا يقومون بجولتهم العالمية لـ [ Super Show 4 ]
الذي بدأ في نوفمبر العام الماضي, وقد تم عرض الحفل اليابان وتايوان وسنغافورة والصين وتايلاند وفرنسا.
وكان من المقرر تكملة الجولة في سيدني – استراليا في 5 مايو في Allphones Arena

وقد أعلنت JK Entertainment اليوم أنه تم الغاء [ Super Show 4 ] في سيدني – استراليا

وكشف مروج العرض سبب الالغاء أن المخرج لدية مشكلة طبية تتطلب معالجة فوريه
والـ [ Super Show 4 ] مشروع ضخم الذي تبين أنه لايمكن إنجازها

وصرحت JK Entertainment ” الرجاء تقبل خالص الاعتذار بسبب الازعاج الذي تسببت فيهـ
ونحن المروجون نعتذر بصدق الى الناس الذين خسروا ماديا ومعنويا وخصوصا المشجعين والشركاء ووسائل الاعلام “

وسوف تقوم JK Entertainment بـ استرجاع المبالغ لأولئك الذين قاموا بشراء التذاكر


Source: JK Entertainment | Koreaboo
Credit: sup3rjunior.com
Arabic Translation by: nan0sh

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